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International Education Expert
First experience abroad, solo travel and life experience in another country, acquaintance with different mentality and language.
2004 – 2012
2004 – 2005
Social exchange program Cento Villagi in Italy
Language courses in London and Cologne
During nine years, from 8 to 17 years old, Alina visited Italy twice a year and lived there for 3-4 months in total. It shaped her personality as she became more independent than her peers and gained such qualities as resourcefulness and finding a way out of a difficult situation. In Kyiv, she studied at a boarding school for girls. She was picked up from home at 06:30 and brought home at 21:00. This taught her to stay disciplined, diligent, high returned, and efficient.
During her studies and travels, Alina managed to learn several languages. It influenced the expansion of her borders and her perception of the world in the future - on building a business in the international market. Now Alina speaks Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish, and Italian.
2013 – 2016
2013 – 2016
Degree at Warsaw University of Business and Economics
Dual degree with London School of Economics and Political Science
To minimize her studies expenses, Alina applied for various scholarships. As a result, she received three scholarships: from the European Union, a scholarship for the best students, and a social scholarship.
During her studies, Alina held an active social life and participated in conferences because she believed that this would help to create a decent resume, to find a good job, and to become successful. Therefore, she applied to the London School of Economics and Political Science in the UK to get a diploma in economics in parallel with her studies in Poland.
Alina began to help her friends apply for higher education and talk about studying opportunities as a volunteer - this was a turning point and pushed her to change the focus from the economy to the education niche.
Recruiter career start
Student conferences participation
• Open Forum on the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh with ambassadors from Azerbaijan
• Panel Discussion: The Solution to Crimean Crisis
• Conference: Future of Economics
2016 – 2018
International project in Portugal
Master's degree in Finance and Accounting in Poland

Won a trip to an international project in Portugal, where she had to create her own business, prepare a business plan and present it

This experience developed Alina's business thinking and entrepreneurship. For example, on the first day, she got a task: to go outside and collect money from passers-by for children from the orphanage. Alina offered to buy a bouquet of daisies and sell it singly. The bouquet cost about 2 euros and had 20-25 flowers. As a result, they managed to raise 150 euros for the orphanage. That brought 250% profit.
Alina has Polish roots, which helped her to get a resident card. She learned and passed Polish for 97% of 100% to get the passport. This was her first confident step to continue her journey abroad. After her studies, she moved to the Netherlands to get more career opportunities.
EU citizenship
Opening an education abroad company
For the first recruitment season of 18 months, the revenue she brought to her partners was 2 540 000 EUR
Only growth
Alina's activities are focused on the international education industry. Main focuses: recruiting students from the markets of Eastern Europe, the CIS countries, and Central Asia and mentoring outstanding students and students with disabilities to enter the world's top universities.

She is interested in EdTech solutions and intensely releases her expertise in online education to provide the tools for kids from underprivileged countries to change their futures.
Sales directions: UK, Netherlands, USA
Product: Foundation programs, higher education, boarding schools, and language camps
Market, target audience: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, France, Mozambique, Tunisia, USA, Vietnam, Netherlands, Poland
Participation in international ICEF conferences in Germany, Spain, and the USA
One-person company
Alina created a website, received the ICEF certification, and started with assistance in applying to universities in Poland. She controlled all the processes herself. For example, she held consultations and made sales, she created a website and ran Instagram
Sales directions: Poland
Offices in the USA and the Netherlands
Product: Higher education programs
Market, target audience: Ukraine
Team Head of sales department, sales managers, targetologist, SMM manager and creator, personal assistant - customer management manager, operations manager, marketer, accountant, designer
She expanded the market to 10 countries, obtained international accreditations, and significantly increased sales.
StudyGRI international accreditations from International Consultants for Education and Fairs and British Boarding Schools Network
In just a few years, Alina grew from a one-person company to a bigger company with offices and a team of people in two countries.
with 100% guarantee
Partnership with top educational institutions
Whatever I do in my life, I always care for the end consumer and the quality of service so that customers and partners feel comfortable.
For partnership, I choose ranking universities and schools that provide quality service, customer support, study, and living conditions. I offered cooperation to many of them. I know the universities and schools with which StudyGRI cooperates from the inside: I know their representatives, I have been on campuses, and I have seen classrooms and student residences. This helps us build strong cooperation and trust: I know all the features and requirements, and my team passes the necessary tests to stay competent working with the partners. This is my company's reputation, my face, and a person's future.
Alina Grygorian
Alina has tripled the flow of students in the season. She is beating sales forecasts
According to the first-year cooperation results, Alina doubled the market and covered all the universities of the center in the UK and the USA. Moreover, Alina is not afraid to take risks and responsibility for launching new projects and directions, which she brings to the end
Alina increased the flow of students five times in one season. Outstanding result-driven marketing approach
Ivan Mironov
Awisha Bashir
Yurii Sukhomud
Student Recruitment Manager in Navitas Leading Global
Education Provider
Recruitment Manager (Europe and UK) in INTO
World Education Centre
Student Recruitment Manager in OnCampus
Partner of World's Leading Universities and Cambridge Education Group
Alina managed to get ICEF membership for StudyGRI. This allowed the company to gain access to international ICEF conferences and open up a new market, firstly, the USA market, due to the high demand for StudyGRI's potential clients.
The association includes 256 boarding schools and an extensive CRM system through which the company can cooperate. To get access, a company has to prove its motivation, interest in cooperation, and competence. Alina visited 8 boarding schools from the list and talked with top management. In general, she had four interviews with representatives of the association. After all the steps, StudyGRI received association accreditation and access to direct communication with all of the 256 schools.
StudyGRI is a member of the international confederation in the educational tourism industry ICEF and the British Boarding Schools Network. Alina Grigoryan dealt with the accreditation of the companies, communicated with representatives of each association, met all the requirements, and proved that StudyGRI meets all the quality standards. This helped to bring StudyGRI to the next level and to expand the company's business and market for its growth.
Company accreditations
British Boarding Schools Network
English UK is the national association of accredited English language providers in the United Kingdom. All English UK member centres are accredited by the British Council under the Accreditation UK scheme, which is one of the world's toughest inspection regimes for English language providers.
English UK
Alina Grigoryan about how StudyGRI helps to get an education abroad
Interviews with foreign publications
Forbes Ukraine
StudyGRI comprehensive service: from the first consultation to information support after the contract completion
StudyGRI CEO about the tools she uses to build customer confidence in online processing
The Village
Forbes Kazakhstan
the first online school for the deaf
Problems of deaf people
Creating an online school
Deaf children in schools
The first case
Learning American Sign Language
Higher education for the deaf
Famous people with hearing impairment
There is no sign language in Ukraine. Watch the key breakdown below
Big Project
Today, there are more than 360 million people around the world who are deaf and hard of hearing. In most cases, they live without the right conditions and infrastructure. Few people are interested in the problems of deaf and hard-of-hearing people in their own country. And what can we say about the opportunities for such people abroad? They are zero.

There is no sign language in Ukraine. Children and their parents learn by themselves from single books. In fact, it is an invented language that exists in a limited circle of people in the country. There is no communication with deaf children in public schools because they do not know how. There is no budget allocated for the problem. And this is the case in almost every country in the world. Children can't set secondary or higher education in another country because they need to meet the enrollment requirements - they need to know the other country's sign language.

In addition to the problem of the small number of high schools for deaf and hard-of-hearing children, there is the same problem in higher education. For example, there are five such universities in the United States — only five for the whole country.The main challenge is for people to speak another country's sign language and have an international perspective so that this area can be noticed and developed internationally. This emerging market did not arise because of demand or lack of sign language but because there was no supply. There are no international high schools and universities for hard-of-hearing and deaf children because there is no way to speak the same language as foreign students.

Solving these kinds of global problems can open doors for millions of people. We should remember that it's not just about caring for people within society. It is actually about changing tomorrow. Let's look at people with special needs who have made tremendous contributions to our world.

Several years ago, Alina went the extra mile and became a mentor for talented and low-income children to help them build a career through education abroad.

She advises on education abroad, shares her sacred knowledge and experience, which she collected for many years, works with complex cases, and brings them to the desired result.
Results of cases under Alina's mentorship
Ala, Tunisia
University of Brighton, United Kingdom
Bachelor degree
To enter the UK University

Almost zero English level, meager chances of admission, extremely short deadlines

Alina's comment
"We had only half a year to prepare and collect documents and find a university, which seemed almost impossible. About 40 universities refused, but I found a university in London that agreed to consider his candidacy. I found teachers from the British Council, who gave him intensive English lessons. He went to a British university for a one-year preparatory program and then moved on to a bachelor's degree. Now he is finishing his studies. He stopped by my Amsterdam office during his second year of studies to thank me. He spoke perfect English."
Akhmet, Kazakhstan
Full Sail University, USAMusic Production, Bachelor degree
To enter Full Sail University with a scholarship

Weak portfolio, entering refusal from Berklee College of Music when self-submitting documents

Alina's comment
"I was personally involved in strengthening Ahmet's personal brand because it was necessary to do serious work on the mistakes and not allow rejection. When I wrote to Full Sail University partners, they said they could offer a scholarship of $ 20,000 per year. However, after applying, the university rated his updated portfolio, exam results, and student profile, they changed their mind, increasing the scholarship by 50%, up to $30,000 per year. Ahmet is now studying at the university, developing in the music industry, remixing famous songs, and collaborating with local music groups in the United States."
Kristina, Ukraine
Sotheby's Institute of Art, United KingdomBusiness Art, Master degree
To enter Sotheby's Institute of Art

Small portfolio, little experience and practice

Alina's comment
"At that time, we did not cooperate with Sotheby's Institute of Art. Despite this, I wrote to the representatives and got Christina's consideration. I helped write an additional essay and the motivation letter, personally prepared all the documents, and advised strengthening the portfolio before submitting documents. The consideration was long and took three months. As a result, Christina was accepted and entered the magistracy."

Volunteering and helping people
Alina's separate non-commercial project is volunteering, information assistance, free counseling, and assistance to refugees.
We should help people in any situation, we have the opportunity to help. The main thing is to want to do it.
Alina Grygorian
As a student, she helped special children from the orphanage. She brought them food and toys, spent time with them, and participated in concerts
Helped the Red Cross in Amsterdam as a translator, met refugees who came from Ukraine
Donate a percentage of StudyGRI sales as humanitarian aid. Every two weeks, partner universities make transactions and send a confirmation check
Holds four free consultations on education abroad every month for clients who have a difficult financial situation
She ran a telegram channel where she published information about admission to schools and universities in the Netherlands
1077EM Amsterdam
Alina Grigoryan
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